SBS Server only 5 CALS

I have run into this several times lately and felt this issue was important enough to repost how to fix the problem. Full credit goes to the "Knight-Time Ramblings blog" who originally posted this fix.

In a nutshell Small Business Server 2003 stores its license data in the windows\system32 folder on the server and if this drive fills up it tends to corrupt the license file. There are also reports that certain AV programs may corrupt it. The best solution is of course to have a backup of these but if you don't you can fix this by doing the following

  1. Open services.msc
  2. Stop the License Logging Service
  3. Rename %windir%\system32\ to something else like
  4. Copy %windir%\system32\ to
  5. Start the License Logging Service
Server management should now show the correct number of licenses.

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