Pinning Outlook 2013 icon to Windows 7 taskbar shows a 2nd icon when opened

There appears to be a bug with Outlook 2013 that will cause Windows 7 to show a 2nd icon if you pin it to the taskbar "too soon".  From testing if you pin the icon to the taskbar before first running it or even during the first run it will start showing 2 icons in the taskbar. I have managed to resolve this by unpinning all the Outlook icons on my taskbar, closing out Outlook, opening and reclosing Outlook (just to be sure) then pinning Outlook again from the start menu. Now when I open Outlook I am only getting the 1 icon in the taskbar and multiple Outlook 2013 windows stack correctly.

Update: The above was back during beta. If you have problems today I suggest unpinning your icons then run Outlook and right click and pin from the running icon instead of from the start menu.

Connecting via VPN to authenticate to a domain in Windows 7

In XP there used to be an option to connect via dial-up to log in to a computer. This is no longer obviously available in Window 7. The good news is it still exists and works really well. This is how to configure it.

  1. Login as a user with local admin rights 
  2. Create the VPN connection by going to “Network and Sharing Center”, then click “Setup up a connection or network” - “Connect to a workplace”.
  3. Fill out the details to connect to your work VPN and choose the option to allow other people to use this connection. This is what will make the option appear on the log in screen. 
  4. Complete the wizard and save the connection.
You can now use this connection to log in directly to the domain and/or to join the PC to the domain if needed.
  1. After rebooting, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to log on if prompted. 
  2. Click Switch User to view other logon options. 
  3. Will now see a blue button in the lower left for each connection shared with all users. 
  4. Click the blue button.
  5. Type the username and password for the connection and click the blue arrow to connect. 
  6. After the connection is established, Windows will use the same credentials to try to log into Windows. If that fails, (for example you use a different password for your VPN) the connection remains active and you will be taken back to the Windows log in screen to submit Windows credentials.