Hyper-V specified node is not an owner or possible owner

Recently I added a 3rd not to our Hyper-V cluster which uses cluster shared volumes. After this I started seeing errors when trying to live migrate or backup with BackupExec some of the VM's. The error was:

"The operation failed because either the specified cluster node is not the owner of the group, or the node is not a possible owner of the group"

This error is from BackupExec but the error from live migration is almost exactly the same. Looking at the VM's they all appeared to inherit the new cluster node correctly so it was not obvious what the issue was. After a bit of digging I finally figured out the problem was with the cluster shared volumes they had not added the new node as a possible owner. The normal volumes had though. to determine if this is the problem you can run the following PowerShell command:

cluster.exe res "<cluster disk name>" /listowners
e.g.   cluster.exe res "test disk" /listowners

To add owners use the following command

 cluster.exe res "<cluster disk name>" /addowner:<new owner>
e.g.  cluster.exe res "test disk" /addowner:node3

There is no GUI option for viewing or setting these that I have found.

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