Get details about user mailboxes on Exchange 2010

Ever wanted to see how much email all of your users have or how much space their deleted items is taking up? This PowerShell command will give you some nice details on all of your mailboxes on an Exchange Server. Replace exchange with your server name.

Get-MailboxStatistics -server exchange | where {$_.ObjectClass -eq "Mailbox"} | Sort-Object TotalItemSize -Descending | ft @{label="User";expression={$_.DisplayName}},@{label="Total Size (MB)";expression={$_.TotalItemSize.Value.ToMB()}},@{label="Items";expression={$_.ItemCount}},@{label="DeletedItems";expression={$_.deletedItemCount}},@{label="DeletedItemSize (KB)";expression={$_.totalDeletedItemSize.value.toKB()}},@{label="Storage Limit";expression={$_.StorageLimitStatus}} -auto

You will get a report like this

 User                         Total Size (MB)  Items DeletedItems DeletedItemSize (KB) Storage Limit
----                              ---------------             -----      ------------   --------------------     -------------
User1                          10466                  96237          490                 2888           NoChecking
User2                            6021                  71813          248                 5219           NoChecking
User3                            4033                  46138          809                 7921           NoChecking
User4                            3843                  37157          945                 4141           NoChecking

How to remove multiple contacts from a users Exchange 2010 mailbox

We recently noticed that we had a user with 516,000 contacts in his mailbox. Many of them duplicated hundreds of times. We figured out this was an issue that other people had seen when switching from one mobile device to another. Mostly it seems from a BlackBerry to an Android. For some reason this has caused some users to experience a massive replication of contacts. I did not delve much into why as this had stopped already but we needed to clean up his current contacts. He had already tried to  manually do it but this was not working.

It turned out the easiest way to clean up the contacts was to have him backup 1 copy of the correct contacts and then run the following PowerShell command.

 Search-Mailbox -Identity "<user name>" -SearchQuery kind:contacts -DeleteContent -TargetMailbox "<logging mailbox>" -TargetFolder "SearchAndDeleteLog" -LogLevel Full

This command will search the <user name> mailbox for all contacts and delete them. This process will be logged into the folder SeachAndDeleteLog in the account you specify in <logging mailbox>

After this completed (about 3 hours) we had him replace his saved contacts.

Search-Mailbox replaces the old Export-Mailbox with deletecontent in Exchange 2010.

More information on Search-Mailbox can be found at

You can find information on advanced querying here

Hyper-V specified node is not an owner or possible owner

Recently I added a 3rd not to our Hyper-V cluster which uses cluster shared volumes. After this I started seeing errors when trying to live migrate or backup with BackupExec some of the VM's. The error was:

"The operation failed because either the specified cluster node is not the owner of the group, or the node is not a possible owner of the group"

This error is from BackupExec but the error from live migration is almost exactly the same. Looking at the VM's they all appeared to inherit the new cluster node correctly so it was not obvious what the issue was. After a bit of digging I finally figured out the problem was with the cluster shared volumes they had not added the new node as a possible owner. The normal volumes had though. to determine if this is the problem you can run the following PowerShell command:

cluster.exe res "<cluster disk name>" /listowners
e.g.   cluster.exe res "test disk" /listowners

To add owners use the following command

 cluster.exe res "<cluster disk name>" /addowner:<new owner>
e.g.  cluster.exe res "test disk" /addowner:node3

There is no GUI option for viewing or setting these that I have found.