Failover Cluster migrations fail

We just added a 3rd node to our Hyper-V failover cluster and everything went great right up until I tried to do a test live migration. I got the ever so helpful
live migration did not succeed at the source.
Ok so going on past experience I know this has usually been the binding order to the adapters not being the same or name of the network adapter being different. So I go and check and everything looks great. The cluster passes verification and the cluster resources list all my network adapters as online and good but still a no go on the migration.

Ok for fun lets try to migrate just the disks and see if i get a more helpful error:
The operation failed because either the specified cluster node is not the owner of the group or the node is not possible owner of the group

Well that error SEEMS more helpful. Unfortunately it led me on a wild goosechase.  I do some more digging and find a more helpful error on the destination machine:
live migration did not succeed at the destination.

Configuration setup for live migration failed on the destination node. Make sure that name of the virtual network is the same on the source and destination nodes, and try the live migration again.
Ok this was interesting since the source machine said the problem was at the source. Long story short after a quick google I found it turns out I was on the right track from the beginning and although all the names looked good in the network connections area it actually cares about the names in Hyper-V Manager/Virtual Network Manager. Once I fixed those it is back to migrating.

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