Synology NAS's

I had been looking to replace some failing tape drives at a couple remote offices and after taking into consideration the cost of tapes and the replacement drive I decided to look at some type of disk storage as well. I have had issues with esata drives hanging my servers on start up before though so was not sure how well this search would turn out. After looking at a ton of drives and NAS devices I decided to try out the Synology DS411slim. A huge point in their favor was cost ($399 plus up to 4 2.5 inch drives) and that it supported iSCSI! Their interface is very clean, easy to use, and easy to upgrade.  For the home users it supports streaming to the xbox 360 as well as access from multiple computers at once (but not if you are using it in iSCSI mode for either option but generally a home user won't do this). After a bunch of testing it turns out the device works great for doing my backups as a iSCSI connected drive. I ended up getting them for 2 more remote offices and even bought one for myself and I plan to buy more as other tape drives get old.

Bottom line if you are looking for a small easy to use NAS device for a small business, remote office, or just yourself I have so far been highly impressed with the Synology devices we bought. This is not your NAS from 5 years ago they are fast, have many connection options (network, usb, esata) and are easy to manage.

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